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Vision , innovation and leadership are the cornerstones that make MicroStrategy technology leader in the Business Intelligence market . Since 1989 MicroStrategy , a company focusing exclusively on Business Intelligence , working with companies to transform data into information, information into knowledge , and knowledge into action.
As has been demonstrated in recent years , MicroStrategy is the most innovative software company in the Business Intelligence market .


MicroStrategy , is an integrated platform that manages 5 styles of Business Intelligence , which meet all operating requirements such as: display business performance , analysis, time optimization , predictive analytics , alerts, among others, for a better decisions in the right time and place .
With MicroStrategy get greater benefits to analyze information visually and dynamically , identifying anomalies and patterns hidden within the data , thereby improving profitability and reducing unnecessary costs.
Time optimization queries is an important point , because the time for a user who makes decisions based on business strategies , will require the provision of information in the shortest time possible , making optimal analysis.

High performance

Alto rendimiento

The MicroStrategy platform can efficiently access petabytes of data across multiple platforms, including Hadoop. MicroStrategy allows your company to meet the full spectrum of business intelligence needs into one seamless platform.


MicroStrategy provides the only platform that excels in the production of both traditional panels and the next generation of "do it yourself" dashboards that business users can develop within minutes without the help of IT
Data Discovery

Data discovery

MicroStrategy Visual INSIGHT allows you to experiment with dozens of unique and insightful visualizations to find patterns, trends and relationships. With Visual Insight, you can find meaning in data difficult to understand and share their views with colleagues wherever you are.

microstrategy mobile


MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform enables business users to build any application based on the information you could imagine, without the need to learn any programming language. With increased user adoption and usage, MicroStrategy Mobile multiplies the existing storage ROI data, business intelligence, ERP, CRM and other information systems.

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